EAC Philosophy & Mission

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“E.A.C.” stands for Employee Appreciation Catering

The adage, “A happy employee is a productive employee,” is a belief well known among employers and managers.  By showing employees appreciation, recognition and gratitude, productivity increases.  This is a practice recognized by John Stumpf, Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of Wells Fargo & Company.  The Catering Courtier’s E.A.C. Program offers a way to accomplish this.  Our Employee Appreciation Catering Program, (EAC), will assist in showing your employees that you acknowledge their efforts and performance.  This gives them the sense of being appreciated and rewarded for their work.  They will come together in camaraderie and fellowship.  This will bring a noticeable increase in moral along with productivity, which will result in profitability.  

Our EAC program will assist you in reinforcing employee performance, drive and loyalty. As with all companies, and their ultimate goal to increase profit, we suggest joining our Annual 12 Session Program. This program results in building momentum for employees among themselves… transcending them into a “Winning Team” that shows a continuous improvement in achievement and performance. If you are interested in a trial run we recommend our 90-Day Program which allows the perfect time-line for you to see a noticeable outcome with employees.  Our program offers a variety of culinary fare to choose from.  Instead of going elsewhere to eat, employees will stay on site, sit together, socialize and interact in a team atmosphere.  They will return to work with an incentivized and a renewed sense of purpose.  

The Employee Appreciation Catering Program, is a valuable and innovative, cost efficient way that will assist All Businesses in their ultimate goal of increasing profits.  Join today!

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide Convenient, Affordable, Quality catering for all GROUP FUNCTIONS transcending them into a Winning Team that increases in Team Camaraderie, Appreciation, and Productivity.